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Frequently Asked Questions
What are summaries?
You can think of a summary as a normal review that has a short paragraph, a rating, and votes. But it’s summarised from all original reviews that talk about the same topic and aspect.

Why waste time reading hundreds of similar reviews, when you can read just one review that represents all of them?
Can I trust these summaries?
Qokka.ai uses algorithms developed in in-house, based on years of research in machine learning and natural language understanding. Engineers and researchers at Qokka.ai have published multiple research papers in these areas which were recognized as the state-of-the-art by the industry and academia.

Qokka.ai was created to help consumers and bring more trust into different communities. It is our founding principle to put trust and consumers as the top priority. We built our product with this principle. We do our best to remain impartial and unaffiliated to any sellers, to avoid conflicts of interest.
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